Would you like to customize your items?


A-4-pack-of-heavy-duty-Laser-Engraved-Alabama-oak-coasters-with-an-attractive-coaster-holder.-Felt-on-bottoms-30.001Laser Sharp Products, LLC features innovative laser engraving technology, enabling us to engrave nearly any design into almost any non-metal material. Wood is our favorite medium because it provides a rustic look and is acquired from Alabama trees, but we can engrave glass, acrylic wood and other hard materials. Call today and place your order for a custom-engraved item.

Whatever your style, show it off with Laser Sharp Products, LLC

Custom engravings are perfect for personalizing a gift and showing off your individuality. Customize your item to show school spirit (Roll Tide), holiday cheer or something more personal. Our engraving services are also ideal for business owners that want a unique way to display their business name and logo. Call today to speak with Mike or Betty about the design of your custom engraved item.